About GaNology Lab

The lab name "GaNology" could be understood in two ways:


(1) Our research interest mainly lies next generation GaNology (GaN technology), specifically GaN electronic and photonic devices and their applications in power electronics, opto-electronics (light emitters, photodetectors, etc), and radio frequency modules.  These are areas GaN will play a important role in and the focus of the LAB. 

(2) We are aiming to foster graduate students and researchers with expertise in emerging device/modules/systems, and members of our group are expected to receive hands-on training and gain knowledge, which sounds similar to "GaNology". 

About GaN


Gallium nitride (GaN), a wide band gap semiconductor material, is a new technology that has moved from labs to markets. GaN industrial devices offer an advantage with regards to thermal performance, efficiency, weight and size. GaN is anticipated to be the next generation semiconductor for optoelectronic/power/RF applications and thus different countries are indulged in developing widespread applications of GaN semiconductors. 

One should note that there are a number of things that cannot YET be made from silicon (you must be quite familiar with~): Light emitting diodes, Laser diodes, Ultraviolet detectors, High speed electronic system (40GHz for fiber telecommunication), High temperature electronics operating above 200 DegC. Again, those are opportunities for GaN and compound semiconductors.

If GaN sounds unfamiliar to you, the following reading materials might help:

Lab News



Yuliang Zhang and Yangqian Wang officially registered as graduate students of SIST, ShanghaiTech.

​张玉良和王阳倩正式入学上海科技大学信息学院成为GaNology Lab 的研究生。


Yuliang and Xinbo's paper about "Junction Barrier Schottky Diode" was accepted by "International Workshop on Nitride (IWN-2018)". Congratulations to Yuliang!

GaNology Lab 张玉良(信息学院2018级研究生)和邹新波合作的题为“Device Design Assessment of GaN Junction Barrier Schottky Diodes”的工作,被氮化物领域最大的会议IWN(IWN-2018, Nov, Kanazawa, Japan)接受。恭喜玉良!


Dr. Xinbo Zou was sponsored by "Pujiang Talent Program" to further his research on GaN PiN devices!


Congratulations to Yu Shao and Weiliang Xia finishing their bachelor thesis in GaNology lab, and both of them were awarded "Excellence" after presentations.  



Congratulations to Yuliang Zhang, and Yangqian Wang on passing the Postgraduate entrance examination, and will start their new journey in GaNology lab, ShanghaiTech soon. 




Dr. Xinbo Zou joined ShanghaiTech from Sep., 2017, working as a tenure-track assistant professor, PI in SIST.  He will continue his research in III-N electronics from devices to systems and would like to invite motivated students to join the lab as well.


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